EMIS Web for clinical services

EMIS Web is a market-leading clinical IT system that can support healthcare team across all settings, whether you’re running individual services and clinics or enterprise-wide deployments.


  • Manage your patient flow so you can easily manage clinics and track patients. 
  • Allocate priorities and enable monitoring of waiting times and alerts for better caseload management. 
  • Work more efficiently and improve patient safety.
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Tailored to your needs and services 

EMIS Web provides healthcare professionals working within local provider clinics and services with access to all the information and digital tools they need to provide safe, efficient and effective care. With the ability to tailor the system’s configuration to suit your service, you can ensure it does the hard work for you. You can customise your screens so that the tools and settings you use most often are available in as few clicks as possible, making it quicker and easier to carry out tasks.   

Managing your clinics and services 

Our clinical IT system can help you manage patient flow and track patients as they move through your service. It also allows you to improve your caseload management by allocating priorities and monitoring waiting times. As a result, you can monitor and improve the efficiencies of your clinics and services to ensure patients receive high-quality care. EMIS Web can be used to manage a range of NHS and private services, some of the services already using EMIS Web include: 

Connecting clinicians to the information they need 

By making shared care records available across organisations, EMIS Web allows any clinician involved in a patient’s care to: 

  • improve the continuity of care across primary, secondary, community and specialist sectors 
  • view a patient’s full history in real time 
  • deliver high-quality and informed treatment 
  • improve patient safety 
  • enhance the patient experience. 

With access to this vital patient information at the point of care, clinicians can make more informed decisions and deliver accurate care specific to a patient’s needs and medical history. This helps to speed up the patient journey and ensures that patients receive the treatment they need in a shorter amount of time, meaning they can be discharged from the service much faster.  

This instant access to patient information also makes it easier to provide extended access services providing a better experience for patients.  

Shared information for joined-up care 

The access to shared patient records and interoperability provided by EMIS Web enables clinicians to book cross-organisational appointments, which helps to support new models of care and cross organisational working. With more integrated care that joins up disjointed providers, EMIS Web is already supporting healthcare providers to deliver better care that meets their targets and goals. 

Designed by clinicians for clinicians 

We understand the demands that clinicians and organisations face when delivering care in pressured conditions. That’s why EMIS Web has been designed by a team of clinicians to ensure that your needs are met, and your way of working is properly supported.  

Making life easier for busy clinicians

  • An intuitive system which allows you to quickly and simply gain the information you need. 
  • Easily add additional clinical services to your EMIS Web system. 
  • Report on every service and clinic you run from one organisation. 
  • Pre-built and customisable clinical templates for fast data entry help you to record all the information you need.  

“Having used various clinical systems for over ten years, I've found EMIS Web to be very user friendly and easy to navigate around. It has made entering data simplistic.”

Community district nurse with EMIS Mobile

EMIS Web for community care

Allowing community healthcare providers to access, share and update vital information in real time.

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