What makes us different

It’s hard to pick just one thing that defines why our customers find it so refreshing to work with us.

Maybe it’s our commitment to supporting longer and healthier lives, or the wide range of healthcare sectors that rely daily on our innovative technology. It could be our investment into research and development to perfect our systems and dream up innovations long before anyone else. Whatever the mix – our customers tell us that they couldn’t live without our systems or our dedicated help and support.

We’re joining up healthcare. We’re giving more and more healthcare professionals access to the information they need to provide better, faster and cost-effective patient care.

We’re unique. Our clinical software is used in every major healthcare setting – from GP surgeries to high street pharmacies, community, hospitals, and specialist services.

We’re clinically-focused. We enable clinicians to provide safe and efficient care - helping patients live longer, healthier lives. Our technology is used by more clinicians in the UK than any other provider and we have a significant and growing international presence.

We care about what we do. Our clinically-led design teams work with our customers to develop systems. That’s why we consistently meet the needs of individuals – whether a district nurse or an A&E consultant.

We’re pioneering. We’ve won awards for our innovation and excellence and invest in not-for-profit research that is openly available to all. We’re always looking at future technologies to make sure we develop ground-breaking services which benefit patients and clinicians.

We have strength in numbers. Our clinical systems are used by 10,000 healthcare organisations across the UK.