tQuest and Review

Faster, more efficient test requests and results

Providing primary and secondary care healthcare professionals with faster, more efficient test requests and results; to better inform healthcare decisions.

  • Secondary care
  • Primary care

tQuest and Review

Features and benefits

  • Instant requesting of pathology and radiology services.
  • Automated notification of results to GPs.
  • Integration with clinical systems to identify admitted patients.
  • Easily check on progress of requests through demand management.
  • Pre-defined test groups improves speed of requesting tests.
  • Faster, more efficient test requesting & results reporting. 
  • Improve data quality. 
  • Reduce errors and duplication no more handwritten forms.
  • Improve communication between healthcare settings.
  • Save staff time reducing phone calls, checking paper records.

Over 200 NHS trusts, CCGs, and private healthcare organisations are benefiting from faster, more efficient requesting, viewing and messaging of clinical and administrative data, using our order communications solution.

Having an effective link between primary care and pathology and radiology departments is key to improving quality care outcomes.  By automating order communications, you can save time, improve outcomes for patients and improve processes for clinical staff. 

EMIS Health tQuest and Review provide both primary and secondary care healthcare professionals faster, more efficient test requests and results to help them make better informed healthcare decisions.

tQuest provides huge quality benefits ... data quality improvements are supporting the reduction of paper based results, providing even further efficiency and cost savings for all concerned. It really is a win, win, win for patients, laboratories and GPs.

Gary Walton, Pathology IT Systems & Project Manager, Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

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We’ve been committed to interoperability for over 30 years. We believe that connecting patient information across healthcare settings enables better care, which is why our solutions are developed with interoperability in mind.

Through our Partner Programme, we also work with over 40 different companies, so that you can choose from a wide range of additional products that seamlessly exchange data with our products. 

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