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Streamline your care by allowing patients to seek your advice and access self-help support via your practice website.

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Features and benefits

  • Gain the right support with a system that’s clinically designed and approved.
  • Easily triage patients by using details recorded via electronic forms.
  • Reduce pressure on your services with self-help resources and links to other providers.
  • Streamline your workflow with EMIS Web and Patient Access integration.
  • Reflect local or national health needs by customising information.
  • Improve patient safety with a red flag system alerting you to serious symptoms.

Round-the-clock clinical support for you and your patients

By giving your patients the ability to seek your advice via electronic forms and access self-care resources 24/7, Online Triage provides everyone with convenient care whenever it’s needed.

Covering 91 different topics, all 75 forms offer comprehensive support as they can be completed by patients or by those who care for others. You can be confident that your patients are receiving the right help too, since every single form has been authored and approved by a team of over 20 GPs, as well as’s clinical director, Dr Sarah Jarvis.

Those in your care are also able to better self-care with access to self-help resources, including 200 videos. And with the ability to customise links, you can meet your wider health strategies by directing patients to areas of your choice.

Improve access to services while relieving pressure on providers

  • Ensure care is provided in the right place with customisable links that can be used to direct patients to self-help resources or appropriate alternative providers.
  • Speed up care by gathering useful information before consultations.
  • Reduce unnecessary appointments across organisations with red flags for serious symptoms and alerts for when patients do need to visit urgent care.
  • Make things more convenient by allowing patients to access support without having to drastically reorganise their day. 

Work efficiently with EMIS Web integration 

By effortlessly ensuring that your patients are directed down the right care pathways, Online Triage can help staff across your organisation to save vital time.

You’ll be able to take these time savings a step further with EMIS Web and Patient Access integration. This will feed completed forms straight into your workflow, giving you the ability to truly streamline your services.

Make use of General Practice Forward View funding 

  • Save on costs – General Practice Forward View funding is available for those looking to improve patient care via online consultation systems.
  • Easily follow the NHS’s preferred procurement process – Online Triage is approved on the dynamic purchasing system (DPS) network.


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