Anywhere Consult

Make mobile working easier than ever before with our flexible solution that provides real-time access to patient information and your clinical systems.


  • Support you to offer remote consultations by gaining access to your practice systems when on the go.
  • Always access the information you need by being able to use your clinical IT software even when your practice is inaccessible.
  • Improve accuracy and efficiencies with interoperability that allows you to use a range of integrated medical devices alongside your solution.
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Gain easy access to all the support and information you need when working remotely

When it comes to working remotely, being able to access the support you need hasn’t always been the easiest of tasks. We’re here to change that with Anywhere Consult.

Our mobile solution gives you the tools to effectively deliver care, complete tasks and manage your workload no matter where you are. Providing you with access to your clinical software, including EMIS Web, it allows you to securely view, edit and share patients’ medical records in real time. It gives you access to a wide range of other clinical systems too – and offers you the option to use multiple integrated medical devices when on the go.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Anywhere Consult also allows you to connect to the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) – formerly known as the N3 network – via a secure Wi-Fi, LAN or 3G connection and an integrated smart card. It means that, not only do you can you do all of the above, but that you can use NHS systems and services like email and NWW websites as well.

Add all of that together, and that’s a lot of access that’s made possible with just one solution.

Helping you to deliver accurate and informed care wherever it’s needed

Designed to be as flexible as your care provision, Anywhere Consult will support you throughout all of your interactions, and as you travel between locations and care settings.

Whether it’s by accessing entire medical records or viewing medications and appointments, if you’re supporting a care home, Anywhere Consult gives you the tools to be able to provide the best and most accurate care on site. Using our solution comes with an added time-saving bonus too: you won’t need to travel back to your practice when your appointment is done, as you can electronically prescribe, update records and more while you’re there.

With all of this information then updated within your clinical system, you can ensure that your colleagues are always kept in the loop with your patient’s progress so that, together, you can all deliver informed and excellent care.

“It’s given us our sanity back.”

Dr Farzana Hussain, The Project Surgery

Interoperability that saves vital time when consulting with your patient remotely

Reducing the need to travel back to your practice isn’t where Anywhere Consult’s efficiency improvements end either. Whether you want to use spirometers, ECG machines, blood pressure devices or even a mobile printer when making visits, our flexible solution integrates with a range of different devices. Allowing you to complete tasks, take tests and feed results right into your clinical IT system, they can help you to save plenty of time.

Anywhere Consult also integrates with EMIS Mobile so that you can combine your online and offline working needs. And with the option to install Microsoft licences on your solution, you can take even more of your on-premise work on the go.  

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