Supporting remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the working landscape for many across the country. For NHS teams, the ability to work remotely ensures they can continue caring for patients at this time, even in scenarios where practices are temporarily closed, or clinicians are self-isolating.

Lots of our customers have been asking us how we can support their remote working needs. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve put together the key information on our remote working solutions for you to consider what’s right for you.

BMJ are recommending video and telephone consultations as best practice during the COVID-19 crisis, and have pulled together some quick guidance to support this which you can find here.

Anywhere Consult

Anywhere Consult is our complete remote working solution, enabling full access to EMIS Web from anywhere with an internet connection. The package includes:

  • Dell Latitude 5300 laptop
  • N3 / HSCN connection
  • smartcard reader and required software
  • full access to EMIS Web (or SystmOne)
  • data SIM card
  • full access to spine services (EPS, Summary care record and e-referral service).

Our Video Consult solution also integrates fully with Anywhere Consult and is currently being offered for free through Patient Access for all EMIS Web practices in England to help tackle COVID-19.

For practices that do not use EMIS Web or Patient Access, there are non-integrated solutions available.

Add-on solutions

If you already have a laptop and don’t need the complete Anywhere Consult solution, there are other add-on options to help enable remote working:

  • For connection to the N3 / HSCN network we have two options:
    • Hard tokens - key fobs with a physical code access system
    • Soft tokens - software that can be installed on various operating systems
  • USB smart card readers that enable RBAC access
  • Data sim cards to allow access to the internet when WIFI is not available
  • EMIS Web can be downloaded from EMIS Now

EMIS Mobile

EMIS Mobile provides access to core elements of EMIS Web on any tablet or Windows laptop, supporting safer decisions at the point of care – no matter where that care is provided. With easy to use templates and a clear interface, EMIS Mobile is the ideal solution for those visiting patients in their homes.

  • View and update patient records
  • Access supporting documents and view existing care plans
  • Download patient records to work offline and sync updates when internet becomes available
  • View a map of appointment locations to plan journeys
  • Native Android, iOS and Windows® 10 apps available
  • Smart card not required

Please note that EMIS Mobile lacks some of the full functionality of EMIS Web. There is limited patient history (2 years), and no ability to attach documents, register new patients or receive tasks. There is also no access to Spine services (EPS, Summary care record and e-referral service), search and reports or Video Consult. If these are requirements, you may wish to consider Anywhere Consult.

Surgery Connect

Surgery Connect  is a secure cloud-based telephony solution that integrates fully with EMIS Web, enabling GPs and CCGs to save time and money whilst managing patient demand. This solution, developed by GPs and practice managers, enable effective triage and management of patients with features such as patient identification, one click calls, call recordings and self-serve optionality.

With the new adaptation, GP@Home, the Surgery Connect solution allows clinicians working remotely to achieve the same benefits through their own mobile or landline. 

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