Elemental Social Prescription Connector

Make, manage and report on referrals to local social prescribing hubs with ease and confidence.

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Features and benefits

  • Connect patients with health risks to social prescribing programmes in their communities.
  • Make instant referrals to social prescribing hubs.
  • Evaluate the impact of a referral for an individual or across a common cohort.
  • Contribute to achieving public health objectives of STPs.
  • Reduce avoidable GP appointments, saving time, cost and resources.
  • Easily manage everything from within EMIS Web.

Easier, confident referrals to local social prescribing hubs

By connecting GP practices with social prescribing hubs in their locality, clinicians are able to make instant referrals to social prescribing projects in a patient’s neighbourhood. This is all managed from within the workflow of the EMIS Web system, putting this facility at the fingertips of the GP.

The Elemental Social Prescription Connector enables clinicians to view the status of referrals at different stages, leading to tighter control on the measurement and impact of social prescription referrals.

With access to detailed information regarding the progress of the social prescription, clinicians can have confidence in making and increasing the volume of referrals. 

“To connect GPs instantly to social prescribing will deliver enormous benefits to patients and clinicians by dramatically reducing their workload.”

Sir Sam Everington, chair, NHS Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group


  • Express referrals - specific patient data relating to an individual’s preferred name, address and contact details can be pulled from EMIS Web to enable a patient to be referred to a Link Worker in a social prescribing hub.
  • Reason for referral - select the nearest hub/centre located to the individual and a reason for referral from a list of options including physically inactive, social isolation, benefits advice.
  • View previous referrals - view previous referrals (active and processed), social prescription choices (classes or clubs selected) and review patient progress.

“The software has halved the time it takes from assessing needs to finding services that will help residents.”

Clare Cooper, social prescribing link worker, Bogside & Brandywell Health Forum

About Elemental Software

Elemental is a Tech For Good company which aims to engage and empower people and communities towards better health outcomes. Co-founded by Leeann Monk-Özgül and Jennifer Neff, the award-winning social prescribing digital platform connects patients, health and social care professionals and community health and wellness providers to deliver community-based programmes and services that reduce health risks and address health inequalities.

“Elemental is a great solution, as it enables GPs to find all the support that is available when looking at the best solutions for our patients.”

Dr Paul Molloy, Clarendon Medical Centre


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