Diabetic retinopathy screening software

Supporting seamless patient care throughout the diabetic eye screening service.

  • Secondary care

Features and benefits

  • Inbuilt automated patient care pathway minimises admin, saves time and costs.
  • Easily run reports electronically.
  • Integrated secondary care module for ophthalmology grading.
  • Configurable to local screening service needs.
  • Meets full requirements of the UK National Screening Committee Workbook 4.
  • Automatically create a wide range of patient and clinical correspondence.

Using OptoMize, you can seamlessly and electronically manage your patients through the diabetic eye screening service.

With an inbuilt automated patient care pathway, OptoMize minimises administration, saves time and reduces costs - as well as reducing the chances of information recording errors. The automated care pathway is configurable, so you can tailor it to meet the local needs of your screening service.

Intelligent reporting

OptoMize includes a comprehensive set of inbuilt reporting and analytical tools which support both the needs of local screening programmes and the National Screening Programme. This includes:

  • NSC Annual Report 
  • Local Delivery Plan (LDP)
  • Hitting the Targets Reports. 

Ophthalmology integration

With an integrated secondary care module for Ophthalmology grading, OptoMize further reduces administration, as you don't need to manually archive patients. This reduces the chances of errors, improves efficiency of referrals and supports patient choice.

Unique camera integration

OptoMize uses unique direct camera integration with the ENSPDR-approved list of cameras, so you don't need camera manufacturer software or folder capture. Our software takes ownership of the image data as soon as the capture button is pressed, meaning that image capture works quickly, allowing the images to be reviewed and triaged whilst still connected to the camera.

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