Sharepoint intranet connects trust systems

Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust have a SharePoint intranet connected to all of their clinical and administrative systems

Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust faced increasing costs of transportation of paper and waste as a result of clinical and administrative processes. Requiring a new platform to replace their ageing intranet, the trust implemented a SharePoint intranet connected to all of their clinical and administrative systems, providing a central system that is updated instantly.

Using EMIS Health, the trust has improved their patient experience and increased productivity for staff. Their previous intranet was functionally limited and not actively managed, meaning staff would often revert to the paper based processes – with the new system, staff are fully engaged as they can see the benefits that SharePoint offers them.

“SharePoint is very easy to set up so some sites can be turned around within a day.”

Matt Davey, Physiotherapist and Sharepoint project lead

Intuitive and easy to use

Matt Davey, a Physiotherapist at the hospital explained, “The great thing about SharePoint is that it is very intuitive, and needs very little training on building the sites, even staff with very little technical knowledge feel comfortable to use it. We are now able to build our own sites on YCloud, having complete control over the build in-house is the biggest enabler of this technology. SharePoint is very easy to set up so some sites can be turned around within a day.”

Accurate information, updated instantly

The SharePoint Intranet acts as an enabler for the trust to communicate more effectively and efficiently. Removing paper based processes with a system integrated with the trust’s major clinical and administrative systems, allows for a flow of easily accessible information and removes the risk of clinical error from handwritten notes.

Richard Hale, Chief Technology Officer, states that the solution “Provides clinicians with a central system from which they can capture and quickly report on patient history. They can do this at the patient’s bedside which means that patient care is improved by having up to date, accurate information updated instantly into the systems rather than having the delay that paper notes can cause. This improves patient experience as processes are completed more quickly and discharges can be made more efficiently.”

Matt Davey comments, “from a clinician’s point of view, the SharePoint platform makes information flow much smoother by creating a ‘snap shot’ of the hospital at any given time, which makes my life easier when searching for, recording and reporting on patient information.” The platform was usable and accessible from go live, staff instantly able to see the quality of information, and the speed at which they could access it. 

Paperless organisation, improving patient care

The intranet solution has contributed towards the trusts aim to change their way of working, by reducing the amount of paper generated, transported and stored within the hospital. Richard states, “by using SharePoint as our strategic digital intranet solution across the Trust, it will enable us to continue towards a achieving a paperless organisation.” Removing the reliance on paper and transforming processes into digital workflows has increased productivity, reducing time taken searching for the appropriate information. This ultimately enables clinicians to spend more time caring for patients, and less time on administrative tasks. 

SharePoint intranet at Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust