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  1. 14 Jun 2018

    Digital Health's special report: medicines management

    Digital Health's special report looks at digital medicines management, with contributions from EMIS Group's chief medical officer, Dr Shaun O'Hanlon.

  2. 06 Jun 2018

    Releasing the power of data in community services

    As digital records become more common in community services, clinicians can use data to reshape and improve services, argues Ian Bailey.

  3. 30 Apr 2018

    NHS tech: let’s walk before we run

    Forget the ‘shiny new thing’, it’s the basics of a digital NHS that will transform the service, writes health tech chief medical officer Dr Shaun O’Hanlon.

  4. 27 Nov 2017

    Getting the right false medicines directive technology – on time

    EMIS Health has been a leading voice in the discussions on getting the right IT in place in time.

  5. 29 Aug 2017

    Improving health through data analytics – it can be done safely

    Using patient data to improve health is a tricky area, but it can be done safely and responsibly, writes health tech chief medical officer Dr Shaun O’Hanlon for the NHS Confederation.

  6. 06 Jun 2017

    Supporting new models of care and preventative treatment to help vulnerable patients

    Vulnerable people often move around well-meaning but segregated sectors of care that can fail to connect and treat all of their health needs. Ian Bailey, Queen’s Nurse and senior clinical informatics consultant for EMIS Health, talks about how this can be tackled.

  7. 02 May 2017

    Why data sharing matters for excellent care

    Our chief medical officer, Dr Shaun O'Hanlon writes for NHS Confed on best practice advice for data sharing.

  8. 20 Apr 2017

    Record sharing to improve the safety of care for vulnerable people

    With over one and a half million people aged over 65 in the UK classified as frail, one in six adults in England are recorded as having a common mental health disorder and with more than 250,000 homeless people in England too, supporting health services in providing safe, effective care for vulnerable, frail and elderly people has never been more important.

  9. 03 Apr 2017

    A&E crisis: How EMIS Health is helping to break the chain

    The A&E crisis is rarely out of the headlines. While the issues are complex, there are many areas where technology is helping to ease the load. Haidar Samiei, our clinical director and consultant in emergency medicine at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, explains.

  10. 20 Mar 2017

    Go digital and do your bit for the NHS (and yourself)

    The internet is such a normal part of our lives that it’s easy to assume that everything we can do online is being done online, but that’s not true in a very important area - healthcare.

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