Professional services

No matter how ambitious your targets or strategies may seem, our team of experts can provide you with the tailored support you need to make them a reality.

Technology plays a major part in helping you to achieve effective care. But ensuring that you have the right processes in place can often prove just as important.

That’s where our professional services can help. Drilling down into your challenges and aims, they look at the way processes can be changed to bring about transformation for the better. Whether you’re an STP, a CCG, an individual provider or are part of a larger health economy, we can provide you with specific and tailored support that’ll help make your strategies a success.

Eight service areas that support your specific needs:

  Is it right for me?  What will I achieve? 
Strategic Review

If you're looking to understand your strategies, connect your services and make sure technology fits with your goals, this is the right service for you.

  • A complete strategic review.
  • Detailed analysis of your plans and delivery.
  • Recommendations about what next steps you can take.
Visioning and Outcomes

Perfect for those looking to translate their strategies into effective change, or wanting to identify outcomes that'll align with their strategies. 

  • The ability to align technology with your goals.
  • A vision that’s easy to communicate and share.
  • A high-level transformation plan.
  • A simple understanding of your key priorities.
Information Management and Technology (IM&T) Strategy Development

The right service for those wanting to develop an IM&T strategy in line with their goals, deal with time constraints and remove operational challenges.

  • An IM&T strategy and roadmap.
  • Analysis that gives you greater insight.
  • The ability to align technology with your aims.
  • Insight from your stakeholders on how to improve health delivery.
Business Case Development

For those having issues with deciding on new software solutions, time constraints and operational challenges. It can also benefit those looking to gain more experience with a product.

  • A business case that's developed more quickly and is shaped by past successes.
  • Input from your team that feeds into your business case.
  • Knowledge and advice from our product teams.
Service Review If you’re looking to gain an independent analysis, effectively deal with financial and performance issues, or are wanting to meet pressure to deliver more, our Service Review is well suited.    
  • Identification of your problem areas.
  • New and effective ways of working.
  • A more quickly developed business case – and one that’s based on past successes.
Service Redesign This service is perfect for organisations looking to handle performance issues, meet pressures to deliver more, and who want to tackle their limited experience or capacity.  
  • A step-by-step understanding of how to transform service delivery.
  • Greater effectiveness and productivity.
  • Insight into how technology can be used effectively.
  • A better idea of what you can achieve.
Solution Delivery Support Designed for those with limited capacity or experience, we’re here to help your scope out, plan and implement your solutions.  
  • Improved technology use by staff.
  • Clearly defined outcomes that are linked to your objectives.
  • Post-implementation reviews and improvements.
  • Technology that aligns with your processes.
Management Services We’ll set up and run your programmes and projects – ideal for those with limited capacity, experience or time.   
  • Extra staff that’ll help you to deliver your project.
  • A project that’s aligned with your strategic aims.
  • Quicker set up.
  • Improved governance and management.