EMIS Web and SystmOne direct interoperability is joining up patient care

Users of EMIS Web can view a patient’s combined community and primary health record held in SystmOne – and vice versa – in order to make fully informed healthcare decisions.

Giving you the full picture

With the ability to view important patient details in real time across clinical systems, healthcare professionals have access to all the information they need in order to improve patient outcomes.

Direct point-to-point functionality allows EMIS Web users to view data held in TPP’s SystmOne – which includes information recorded by community teams - from within their clinical system, while SystmOne users can also view information held in EMIS Web. This will allow clinicians to view a patient’s full medical record including:

  • allergies
  • medications
  • problems  
  • consultation history. 

This functionality is now live in two pilot areas.

Connecting primary and community care

Primary care clinicians can also view invaluable information that’s been recorded by community teams. Since community clinicians often make several visits to the same patients over a long period of time, GPs and practice nurses are able to access detailed data that can help them make more informed decisions.

With this insight into a patient’s health history, primary and community clinicians can also prescribe treatment that combats not just immediate health concerns, but can proactively combat future health issues too. By being able to more effectively treat patients for all their health needs, it’s helping to reduce the likelihood of them needing to visit hospitals by allowing clinicians to jointly act on issues before they require urgent treatment. Find out more about this – and see how our interoperability can help patients like Bob who are receiving community care – by viewing our webinar here.

With a direct flow of information between settings, it’s also helping clinicians across settings by:

  • removing the need to input information into separate systems
  • instantly allowing them to access information, rather than having to call or fax for it
  • removing paper records.

 Perfect for regions that use both clinical systems in primary and community, EMIS Web and SystmOne interoperability is helping to deliver new models of care in a mixed economy. 

Future functionality

Functionality between the two systems will also be expanded in the future, with the ability to create tasks and book appointments across systems to be added soon. 

“As leading suppliers of information technology to the NHS, we have a joint responsibility to support the best possible patient care. By enabling the direct flow of information between our two systems, we will make it quicker and easier for clinicians to deliver integrated patient care across the country and in many different clinical settings.”

Dr Shaun O’Hanlon, clinical director, EMIS Health

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