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We are bringing patients, healthcare clinicians and researchers together to enable us all to live longer and healthier lives. COVID-19 has had a transformative impact on healthcare delivery, revolutionising ways of working across the healthcare landscape and highlighting the essential role of clinical trials and research.

Embracing technology has enabled healthcare teams to continue delivering high-quality patient care throughout the pandemic, from remote working solutions to clinical data insights. The Life Sciences sector is no exception, and throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen research and industry adopting new and innovative approaches to drive progress in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

“Clinical research is the backbone of healthcare – it is the way we improve the detection, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease and improves the lives of patients across the country. This has never been more true than in our response to the pandemic.”

Matt Hancock, former secretary of state for Health and Social Care Secretary

The 2021 policy paper ‘Saving and improving lives: the future of UK clinical research delivery’, sets out clearly the motivation to ‘embed clinical research at the heart of patient care across the NHS. The Research and Life Sciences Vision aims to assist the NHS in solving the most pressing health challenges we face now and in the future.  At EMIS, we are using our experience to develop technology that will help healthcare professionals be part of these goals by embedding research management tools in their day to day systems. 

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Join us this December as we celebrate the collaborations between healthcare and industry that are improving patient outcomes with EMIS Industry Live - a three day event allowing you to be a part of this healthcare revolution.


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