EMIS has been helping research partners achieve outstanding results for many years, and we’re investing further in working with major research partners to enable better care and improved population health.

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As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare policymakers have placed a greater emphasis than ever before on the power of data to drive positive change in the healthcare industry.  

Over the next decade, the government aims to turn the UK life science ecosystem into a global centre of excellence to help the NHS address our pressing health challenges. How can we turn data into knowledge, and turn knowledge into action that will improve healthcare at population level? 

Technology can enable meaningful insights into the healthcare challenges faced by the NHS and the population as a whole. From Covid-19 to missed cancer diagnoses or undetected long-term conditions during the pandemic, collectively the healthcare technology sector, the NHS and the research and life sciences industry can use clinical research and artificial intelligence to drive positive change at scale and pace.  

Over the last three years, we have been building a world class data and analytics platform to support our customers and partners in their quest for new insights that improve patient outcomes and speed up essential research.    

Our approach  

Working collaboratively with our customers and partners, we aim to co-create research models that improve the future of UK clinical research and support better health outcomes. We will do this by providing GDPR compliant, secure data analysis, with complex queries across any health or social care data setThis enables data scientists and clinicians to query data at scale and speed to help optimise healthcare delivery. 

Bridging the gap between research, industry and the NHS, our technology can deliver patient cohort identification in a fraction of the time to traditional modelsWith the safe implementation of patient recall protocols, trial cohort definitions and new algorithms to enable health care teams to deliver true actionable insight and virtual research programs.

“The link between research and benefit to patients through better treatments and care has never been clearer. Over the last year the UK’s research efforts fighting Covid-19 have reinforced the vital role clinical research plays in the health of the population.”

The Future of UK Clinical Research Delivery, Department of Health and Social Care, 23 June 2021


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