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We’ve got a long history of supporting primary care organisations, from individual practices to larger CCGs and health boards. By making patient information accessible and easy to update, you can support high-quality and joined-up care so that everyone can live longer, healthier lives. 

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Supporting new ways of working across primary care  

For more than 30 years we’ve been developing innovative clinical software and services. A big part of why we’ve been around for so long is because we understand that primary care is always evolving – and that if we’re to help you deliver the best services possible, our health tech must evolve too.  
Our focus on meeting your changing needs is why we’re working closely with NHS Digital to deliver on GP IT Futures’ core and non-core capabilities. Not only that, but we also offer products across our wider Group that already align with the framework’s requirements.  

Integrating our clinical software to make new models of care a reality 

Clinical IT systems need to interoperate if healthcare professionals are to make truly informed choices. We’re here to make this happen by supporting digitised workflows in and between care settings:   


of GPs across the UK use EMIS Web

Preventative, predictive and personalised care    

We’re here to help your patients live longer, healthier lives by supporting you to spot symptoms earlier, reduce risk and prevent disease.  

Giving you the insight to intervene early 

Helping patients to improve how they manage their own health

Patients can easily access the personalised health information they need to better manage their own care with Patient Access, Online Triage and EMIS App Library. Our work with Diabetes UK also means that 98% of clinicians in the UK can provide their diabetic patients with information prescriptions that help them to self-care at home.  

“EMIS Web has made it completely possible to do everything we wanted to do.”

Dr Chris Minmagh, GP, Wingate Medical Centre 

Giving you the tools to work more effectively 

We were founded by doctors, for doctors, and to this day are still clinically led. By combining this expertise with your feedback, we can ensure that our solutions always give you the right support.  

More time with patients and less time on training 

EMIS Web is making it easier for healthcare professionals to spend more time on care, including at Plane Trees Group Practice and Western Elms Surgery, where speedy searches and customisable options are helping staff to work smarter, not harder. 

Evolving what we do by working with you 

Your knowledge plays a vital role in how we develop and update EMIS Web. That’s why we work closely with the EMIS National User Group (NUG), a member-run organisation that allows clinicians to give us their input on what they need from our clinical software.

Products to support primary care

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  • EMIS Web for primary care

    EMIS Web for primary care

    EMIS Web is making it easier to access, update and share patient information so that GPs can deliver safe and informed care where and when it’s needed.

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  • EMIS App Library

    EMIS App Library

    Rigorously assessed and directly recommended apps to get patients more involved in their health.

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  • Patient Access

    Patient Access

    Free to practices using EMIS Web, Patient Access is the UK’s leading GP online services platform. It saves time for both patients and GPs by giving patients more control of their own health.

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    Our GP CPCS is saving appointment time, improving practice efficiency and delivering enhanced patient care by enabling triage and referral of minor illnesses into local pharmacies.

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  • Explorer


    Query, analyse and visualise data with Explorer, the first product to be launched in the EMIS-X Analytics suite.

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  • EMIS Mobile

    EMIS Mobile

    A mobile system providing access to core elements of EMIS Web on your tablet or smartphone devices, anytime, anywhere.

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  • Online Consult

    Online Consult

    Provide your patients with a digital front door to their healthcare that allows them to easily seek support and self-help advice.

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  • Video Consult

    Video Consult

    Improve access to care and give patients the ability to get help without having to visit their practice with our video consultation solution.

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  • Intradoc247


    Improve collaboration and compliance with our cloud-based back office solution that allows teams across locations to access and share information.

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