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Our specialist knowledge and expertise have gone into developing technological solutions that aid better and safer palliative care.

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Supporting hospices to provide more joined-up healthcare 

Death is an emotional and often difficult experience for all involved, but by using technology to join up care and share information we can help hospices allow people to make decisions about how their care is carried out - allowing them dignity in death. 

We work closely with 30 hospices across the UK, delivering the technology required to support better and safer palliative care. With our clinical experience, specialist knowledge and technical expertise, we’re helping hospice teams ensure that everyone can live well towards the end of their lives. 

Helping hospice teams support patients and their families 

The hospice care sector supports over 200,000 people with terminal and life-limiting illnesses in the UK each year, providing individual care plans that suit each patient’s wishes and needsBy allowing hospice teams to access relevant patient data from other organisations and sectors, EMIS Web makes it easy to provide tailored, person-centred care that provides all forms of support to patients and their families. Patients’ wishes can be recorded and viewed quickly and simply, ensuring their care proceeds in the way they wish it to.  

Ensuring everyone’s needs and wishes are met 

Our system allows you to view all the details you need to meet not only the physical requirements of your patients but their social, emotional and wider holistic needs too. Hospice care often extends to those who are close to the patient during the bereavement period after the patient has died. Using EMIS Web has helped East Cheshire Hospice to easily record, update and access crucial patient information, reducing the need to repeatedly ask patients or their relatives difficult questions and improving their quality of care by ensuring their needs and wishes are met.

“End of life care involves often complex and sensitive discussions with patients, whether it’s about their preferred place of death or decisions that may be taken on their behalf once they’re no longer able to. Being able to record that information and ensuring it’s visible to the right people at the right time is crucial”

Helen Knight, clinical and operations director, East Cheshire Hospice

Meeting the needs of a diverse healthcare sector 

We know that hospice care doesn't just happen in a specific place. That’s why our software supports you to deliver care in the most appropriate setting, from peoples’ homes to in-patient facilities and on a day-patient basis. With EMIS Mobile you can access information in EMIS Web from wherever you are. Because we work with over 10,000 organisations the potential for record sharing for more joined-up and informed care is enormous.  

82% of people want to die at home, 50% die in hospital

The National Palliative and End of Life Care Partnership have stressed the importance of having a digitised palliative care system to fully meet the needs of both hospices and the wider NHS. Having more clinical information available improves patient outcomes. In the past, patients may have been admitted to hospital because of a lack of available clinical information or documented patient preferences. By using EMIS Web and EMIS Mobile, hospice staff have access to a patient’s records both on-site and when visiting patients at home. This means teams can see patient preferences wherever and whenever they need.  

Hospices could help reduce hospital deaths by 20% each year, freeing up beds and saving the NHS as much as £80m which is why we're committed to supporting hospice care through joined-up technology.  

15 minutes saved in hospices

To make sure we continue to support clinicians in delivering good palliative and end of life care, we’re committed to ensuring the better use of technology to bring direct support to patients, their families and carers. Through using technology, you can save time on admin and clinical tasks, allowing you more time to interact and build relationships with your patients. 

Products to support hospice care

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  • EMIS Web for hospice care

    EMIS Web for hospice care

    EMIS Web supports safe, joined-up and dignified end-of-life care with personalised care plans and cross-sector communication.

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  • EMIS Mobile

    EMIS Mobile

    A mobile system providing access to core elements of EMIS Web on your tablet or smartphone devices, anytime, anywhere.

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  • EMIS Web Training

    EMIS Web Training

    We provide flexible and tailored training and optimisation packages to help you get the most from our products by working smarter, not harder.

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  • Bed Management

    Bed Management

    Easily manage patient flow from admission to discharge.

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  • EMIS Academy

    EMIS Academy

    The EMIS Academy platform puts the power of learning into your hands, allowing you to learn at your own pace at any time, from anywhere.

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