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Improve access to care and give patients the ability to get help without having to visit your practice with our video consultation solution.


  • Provide more options: patients can attend appointments they normally wouldn’t be able to by using any connected device. 
  • Deliver the best experience: integration with EMIS Web and Patient Access makes accessing video consultations easy.  
  • Relieve pressure on your teams: with patients supported outside of your practice, you can help cut long queues at reception. 
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Care for patients wherever they are with our video consultation solution 

In-person GP appointments are perfect for a lot of patients. But what about those who struggle to get to their practiceOr those whose busy schedule makes it difficult for them to take time out of their day to travel 
Video Consult gives your patients the ability to consult with a GP via any connected device, no matter where they are. With patients able to attend appointments at days and times they might not normally be able to make, you can truly open up access to your services.  

It’s not just patients who are better off either. By providing video consultations and supporting patients outside of your practice, you can reduce pressure on busy reception staff and overcrowded waiting rooms. Sounds like a win-win to us

Why choose our EMIS Web and Patient Access integrated Video Consult 

  • Speed up your processes by using EMIS Web to start and mange video consultations.  
  • Instantly make informed decisions by easily accessing patient details during video calls. 
  • Make things easy for patients – all they have to go is log on to Patient Access to attend their appointment.  

Flexibility that meets your needs and provides your patients with the best experience 

  • Find the right balance for you by choosing how many video consultations you offer – and whether they can be booked via Patient Access with our integrated solution.  
  • Provide extra support to those who need it most by offering video consultations to those with long-term conditions, mobility issues or other groups of patients.  
  • Deliver consistent quality by using Video Consult even with low internet speeds.* 
  • Make the most of video consultations with our extra devices, including extra screens, webcams, headsets and all-in-one systems.  

Ensuring the highest levels of security and safety 

We host everything in our secure data centres, where we also house patient records. Combine this with our guarantee that none of your video consultations will be recorded, and you can stay safe in the knowledge that you’re using a secure solution that’ll ensure your consultations remain private.  

*low bandwidth connections can reduce video quality.  

For more information on camaras and microphones contact our team via the form below. 


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