Video Consult

Give more options to patients with secure, reliable and convenient video consultations

  • Primary care

Features and benefits

  • Offer a wide range of appointment options to patients.
  • Reduce pressure on the waiting room and staff.
  • Maximise appointment hours.
  • Select which patients will most benefit from video consultations.
  • Easily monitor patients who can't attend the practice.
  • Flexible use to suit clinicians' needs. 

Utilise the latest technologies and give your patients alternatives to traditional consultations with Video Consult. Designed with both clinicians and patients in mind, appointments can be more manageable for everyone

Flexibility and convenience for all

GPs are given control of how to use video consultations in their practice. Pick the patients who will most benefit from the service and decide on the number of video consultations you want to provide. By reducing the number of appointments that have to be attended in the practice, the pressure on the waiting room and staff is lessened.

Appointment hours can also be maxmised through the wider range of options presented to patients - and colleagues and specialists can join in with consultations to cut down on the need for additional appointments.

Consultations can also be managed and launched in EMIS Web, ensuring that you have all the relevant patient information to hand.

Supporting patients' care requirements 

  • Make sure that those who have trouble attending the practice - like house-bound or limited-mobility patients - get regular contact.
  • Patients can easily access video consultations through Patient Access or via a URL link sent by their GP.
  • Conduct regular video consultations with patients suffering from long-term conditions, helping them to manage their health.
  • Allow patients to attend appointments at home or even while at work, giving them more options to receive care.