Universal ECG

A portable and lightweight ECG system designed for your busy healthcare organisation

  • Primary care
  • Community care
  • Secondary care
  • Mental health

Features and benefits

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use ECG system increases efficiency. 
  • Seamless patient data transfer.
  • Software installation across multiple devices allows for flexible patient care.
  • Feel secure with three-year warranty. 
  • Full integration with EMIS Web and other clinical systems.
  • Eliminate mistakes created by manual data entry with automatically filed Read Codes and PDF reports.

Designed for your busy healthcare organisation, Numed's i3 software fully integrates your Universal ECG with leading clinical systems - including EMIS Web, PCS, SystmOne and Vision.

Flexible patient care through efficient tasks

The system is designed with both patient and clinician use in mind. Through easy-to-use interfaces and equipment, you can provide flexible and streamlined care, aiding patient experience. 

  • Minimise interference caused by other electrical appliances using muscle and mains power filters, improving test accuracy. 
  • Seven-meter cable length allows you to perform ECGs anywhere in the practice and provide care tailored to patient needs.
  • Comes with one-year support from MediServe team, giving you access to technical expertise that ensures you are covered if an item needs repairing.