Transfer of Care Translation Service

Record, exchange and access clinical data in a standardised format to deliver high quality care to patients.

Send transfer of care documents by direct electronic transmission, nationwide, including SNOMED CT encoded diagnosis, procedures, allergies and dm+d encoded medication information.

  • Secondary care

Features and benefits

  • Coded messages are digested by recipient systems, adding necessary tasks directly into work flows
  • Meet Paperless 2020 targets.
  • Data is transferred quickly allowing clinicians instant access to crucial information.
  • Reducing the risk of inaccurate or missing information.
  • Improved patient safety due to the availability of complete, accurate and timely information.
  • Standardised data exchanges.
  • Reduced costs thanks to the removal of administrative tasks needed to correct information.

By 1 October 2018, NHS England states that all healthcare providers must send their discharge and clinical letters electronically, using nationally specified, standardised messaging.

Digitising this process moves away from the paper based communications which can get lost and be difficult for the recipient to digest and search in detail. 33 percent of patient safety incidents relate directly to poor communication as care is transferred at the point of discharge. And with transfer of care being arguably the most frequent and significant communication between clinicians, it’s crucial that it’s done safely and efficiently.

The Transfer of Care Translation Service accepts discharge information from any hospital system. Data is validated and coded using the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Specification, before being securely sent to the team that care is being transferred to.

Using coded data allows information and actions to be automatically passed on to the new care team without the need for manual processing – saving time and ensuring important information doesn’t get missed.

Improved patient safety with more accurate data

By transmitting data electronically, transfer of care information is automatically updated within a patient’s care record. This means records are updated in a timely and accurate manner. By digitising the transfer of care process and removing the need to send letters you can improve patient safety with the removal of errors or missing information. You can save money too through the removal of administrative tasks that would previously have been needed to rectify inaccurate or missing information.

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