GP Data Viewer

Allows secondary care clinicians to access real-time GP data and make more informed decisions to improve patient care.

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Features and benefits

  • Primary care data sent via medical interoperability gateway (MIG).
  • Integrated view of primary care data within secondary care systems.
  • Real-time access to patient data.
  • Compliant with all GP practise systems.
  • Full audit trail of access to information.
  • Improved patient care and safety.
  • Improved communication across healthcare settings.
  • More informed decision making.
  • Save time with immediate access to information.
  • Improved clinical governance.

Having an effective link between primary and secondary care is essential to providing safe care for patients. Sharing information within systems across care settings is one of the key areas in which we can help – our secondary care GP data viewer shares data from primary care systems with secondary care systems.

Patient details are provided by GP practice systems via the EMIS Health Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG).

Clinicians in all health care settings can view primary care details for patients in real-time while the patient is in their care, enabling them to make more informed decisions, whilst delivering safe, cost effective and meaningful patient care.

“The MIG data sharing features allow GPs and community staff to share agreed data sets with confidence.”

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