Saving clinical time by replacing paper forms

  • Primary care

Syml_Dynaforms+is a dynamic solution for all clinicians attached to EMIS Web to streamline clinical information access and collecting patient data electronically.

Especially useful while visiting patients – like those in care homes – or for monitoring those with chronic conditions.

Features and benefits

  • Simply replaces paper forms
  • Eliminates duplication of input
  • Enables informed decision making at the point of care
  • Supports the initiation of preventative actions
  • Saves time - reduces operational costs
  • Allows patients to complete forms electronically at the GP practice or at home.
  • ideal for visits to Care Homes or chronic condition monitoring.
  • Helps to reduce avoidable GP visits.

DynaForms+ is an information processing system designed to digitize existing hand filled paper forms in healthcare and to automate processing of information. The DF+ has been developed to enable authorised users (GPs, Nurses, other Clinicians, District & Community Nurses, health visitors) to download patients details to a mobile device, which can then be available offline at the point of care during an out of practice consultation.

Dynaforms+ has a simple and secure three-step process designed to optimise clinical efficiency:

  • step 1:  prior to the visit - download the relevant patient files on your laptop/mobile device
  • step 2:  during the visit - securely access the patient’s records offline, and add notes or complete associated digital forms 
  • step 3:  after the visit - upload the updated information to the appropriate patient records within EMIS Web. 

DynaForms+ solution is supplemented by dynamic ‘pop-up’ alerts to provide ease of use and optimum patient service aligned with the NHS strategic guidelines.