Advanced spirometry software that's simple to use

  • Primary care

SpidaXpert is advanced spirometry software, which is simple to use and employs a state of the art multi-window, graphical interface. Up to 41 spirometry indices can be measured, previous test curves overlaid for comparison and both open and closed Flow/ Volume Loop test techniques used. An animated child incentive device and the long term trending of patient results also feature.

SpidaXpert is a comprehensive, quality assurance, interpretation and diagnostic software program for spirometry. SpidaXpert automatically assesses the quality and reproducibility of the spirometry tests according to international standards. Concise analysis and diagnosis is achieved using clear coloured graphical indicators and comprehensive textual interpretation.

SpidaXpert now allows you to transfer COPD and asthma QOF Read codes directly into EMIS systems. This gives you auditable spirometry data held within patient records, not just attached, saving valuable time and increasing practice revenue.