Patient record automatically displayed upon inbound call

  • Primary care

Designed to complement your existing telephone system, SmartConnect links up practice computers and telephones to handle all of your voice and data traffic.

When a patient calls your practice, SmartConnect intelligently matches the incoming telephone number to their patient record on your EMIS clinical system and automatically displays the patient's details on your computer system, saving you from having to search practice records. SmartConnect enables practices to save, on average, 20 seconds on each call, freeing-up your busy practice telephone lines and allowing you to provide enhanced services to more patients.

SmartConnect also enables: recording of telephone calls; practices to transfer calls across different sites; hot-desk facilities to follow clinicians wherever they are logged in; automated call routing options; clicking-to-dial from screen.

Please note: a data cleansing exercise may need to be carried out to ensure your telephone numbers are in the correct format prior to installation.