Secondary care

Over 80% of acute trusts use one of our solutions, helping them to improve quality, safety and patient outcomes, and deliver higher levels of organisational efficiency and productivity.

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  • CaMIS PAS+

    Enter, access and retrieve hospital patient data efficiently and quickly for an integrated view.

    • Secondary care
  • Transfer of Care Translation Service

    Record, exchange and access clinical data in a standardised format to deliver high quality care to patients.

    • Secondary care
  • Translation Service

    Meet Commissioning Data Sets (CDS) messaging requirements, improve data quality and save time.

    • Secondary care
  • OptoMize

    Supporting seamless patient care throughout the diabetic eye screening service.

    • Secondary care
  • Oculab

    Fast, effective diagnosis of disease with images, clinical data and patient demographics.

    • Secondary care
  • Endoscopy

    Meet national standards for procedure reporting, and improve efficiencies and patient care.

    • Secondary care
  • Diabetes

    Monitor and manage diabetic patients so that you can improve their outcomes.

    • Secondary care
  • Bed Management App

    Manage bed occupancy and combat crisis and seasonal pressures.

    • Secondary care
  • Dermatology

    Provide safer, more efficient care for patients with skin conditions and create detailed records.

    • Secondary care
  • eDischarge

    Ensures continuity of care across care settings with faster, safer and fully documented discharges.

    • Secondary care
  • Maternity

    Follow the full prenatal and postnatal care pathway, and empower patients to self-care.

    • Secondary care
  • Gastroenterology

    Providing everyone with support and information in the treatment of long-term conditions.

    • Secondary care
  • Finance Manager

    Resolve differences between stock systems, save time, money and ensure stock is up to date.

    • Secondary care
  • Manufacturing and CIVAS

    Full visibility of costs and activity of your manufacturing processes.

    • Secondary care
  • Prescription Tracker

    Meet dispensing targets by easily monitoring dispensing processes.

    • Secondary care
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