EMIS Web workflow optimisation and clinical decision support. Built by GPs, for GPs

  • Primary care

Features and benefits

  • Written by GPs, for GPs and trusted by over 1,600 GPs throughout the UK.
  • Save clinicians’ time with smart templates and relevant alerts
  • Maximise practice income with live checking of clinical data as it is recorded to ensure compliance with national coding requirements.
  • Improve clinical safety by checking all aspects of the clinical record and alerting staff to potential clinical safety concerns.
  • Advanced QOF reporting allowing practices to focus on areas of high financial value as well as those with the most points outstanding.

QMasters was founded in 2012 by two GPs in Oxfordshire and is trusted by over 2,000 doctors across the UK. The QToolset is fully integrated into EMIS Web to ensure a familiar user interface and fast operation.

QOF Data Validation

The QOF Data Validation service will check your clinical records for coding errors affecting prevalence and QOF income. A typical practice will generate at least £1,000/1,000 patients per year in increased QOF income.

“Just a note to say that our QOF income has been the best it has ever been this year. Our accountant commented at our recent accounts meeting that the Data Validation Report and QToolset has made a very significant difference to practice income. Thank you also for the clinical safety alerts in the QToolset – these have been extremely helpful.” 
Dr Dipa Patel – GP. Millbarn Medical Centre, Buckinghamshire

There is no charge to receive a Summary Report that offers an overview of the level of additional income available.


The QToolset offers advanced customisation of EMIS Web to help clinicians save time, maximise income, and improve clinical safety through smarter use of clinical coding.

  • Concise templates allow consistent recording of relevant clinical data for QOF, enhanced services, and other areas.
  • Hand-picked clinical safety alerts from MHRA and NICE are integrated into the QToolset to warn clinicians and other practice staff of a potential risk in real-time with links to the original guidance.
  • Live monitoring of all clinical data as it typed will alert users where a coding error is made that affects practice income. Comprehensive messages explain the error and suggest an appropriate alternative code.
  • Free annual Detailed Data Validation Reports for QToolset subscribers ensure coding errors made during the year and those from newly registered patients are identified and their value highlighted to individual GPs.
  • Automatic SNOMED coding integration to help manage practices’ migration to this new coding system when the READ coding system is phased out in 2018.