Pharmacy Access

Our Pharmacy Access bundle allows you to view EMIS Web GP records through your ProScript Connect terminal giving you better visibility of a patient’s medical history.


  • Access a full audit trail of requested, ordered and rejected electronic repeat prescriptions. 
  • Minimise risk with more effective dispensing and increased medicine compliance.  
  • Securely share and view key patient information in a digital format.
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Providing more joined-up care 

We know how important it is for you to work closely with local GPs so that you can provide accurate, effective and joined-up patient care. The Pharmacy Access bundle includes our Medicines Manager and GP Record Viewer modules which make communicating and sharing information with GPs faster and easier. By providing an interoperable, technological solution, we’re making it easier for pharmacies and GP practices to provide more joined-up care in line with NHS aims.   


“Sharing information with pharmacies has proved no different to sharing with district nurses, with similar benefits too including safer, better patient care.”

Dr Farzana Hussain, GP, The Project Surgery, Newham

Easily manage repeat prescriptions  

With the Medicines Manager module, you can quickly and simply request repeat prescriptions from local EMIS Web GPs. You can send these requests and view the prescriptions directly from your ProScript Connect terminal, making it easier to manage repeat prescriptions and freeing up time on all sides by cutting out the extra paperwork.  

By creating a full audit trail of who has requested and accessed what information. It also keeps track of all requested, accepted and rejected prescriptions. With this information to hand, you can increase patient safety by reducing the risk of human error. Overall the module helps to make the management of repeat prescriptions much more efficient 

“Medicines Manager is streamlining repeat prescriptions management, allowing our branches to request repeats electronically, directly from a GP surgery using EMIS Web.”

Kenny Black, managing director, Rowlands

Secure information sharing for safer, more accurate care 

Having access to relevant patient information is key to being able to provide high-quality patient care during the dispensing process. GP Record Viewer allows you to access a secure, read-only view of a patient’s information, including their allergies, current medications and key test results. Having a clear and full view of a patient’s information in this way supports you in making informed decisions when dispensing medication.  

Patient information can only be shared once a sharing agreement is in place and patients have provided consent documentation. This means you can be confident that all information is kept safe and secure and helps you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 

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