Get ready for the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)

The FMD is designed to protect patients by minimising the chances of counterfeit medicines entering into the established medicines supply chain across Europe. All prescription medicines will have to be both verified and decommissioned when the FMD comes into effect in February 2019.

How do I prepare my pharmacy for the FMD? 

Step one: Upgrade to ProScript Connect for free

  • Our FMD solution will only be integrated into our next-generation software, ProScript Connect.
  • ProScript users will need to upgrade their system to be ready for FMD compliance.
  • To upgrade to ProScript Connect for free, call us on 01923 474 600 (option four) or get in touch here. Once you’ve completed your upgrade forms, we’ll contact you to schedule your overnight, remote upgrade.

Step two: Acquire our FMD-compatible 2D barcode scanners

In order to verify and decommission prescription medicines for FMD, you’ll need a number of FMD-compatible 2D barcode scanners. These allow you to scan the FMD unique identifier (UI) in the form of a 2D data matrix (barcode).

We recommend that you have a scanner for each ProScript Connect terminal in your pharmacy.

Step three: Register for access to the National Medicines Verification System (NMVS)

  • The NMVS registration portal for pharmacy contractors, operated by Arvato Systems, isn’t yet open for use.
  • We’ll directly let you and all ProScript Connect users know when this registration portal is available.
  • Once you’ve registered for access to the NMVS, you’ll need to contact us in order to sign up for the activation of your FMD functionality within ProScript Connect.

Begin preparing your pharmacy for FMD by contacting us here.