Constant Connect

Constant Connect automatically connects you to your NHS network via a 3G/4G connection in the event of a broadband failure.


  • Stay connected in the event of a broadband (N3) failure.  
  • Continue to deliver essential services such as dispensing and ordering. 
  • Ensure minimal disruption to both your customers and pharmacy systems. 
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Keeping you connected 

Having a reliable internet connection is crucial when you’re running a busy community pharmacy. From dispensing medication to ordering stock and carrying out other patient-focused services, you need to know you’ll have access to all your systems and information at all times. That’s why we created Constant Connect. If your broadband fails, Constant Connect will switch you over to secure 3G/4G that you remain connected to the Transition Network (formerly known as N3) and the new Health and Social Care Network (HSCN). 

Reducing risk and improving business continuity 

We know that, as a pharmacist, you always need to have access to all your information in order to make sure your dispensing appropriate, safe and effective medications to your customers. Constant Connect ensures you always have access to the systems and information you need to dispense patient medication safely, reducing the risk of errors and keeping you running at all times. It also means you can continue to provide all your usual services and meet patient needs in any situation. 

“Constant Connect reduces risk and gives peace of mind and the confidence to continue increasing my R2 prescriptions”

James Currie, Curries Pharmacy, Bradford

Automatic switching for minimal disruption 

By automatically switching you over to a secure secondary connection in the event of a broadband failure, Constant Connect ensures you and your patients experience minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities. Once put in place, Constant Connect will manage your connection, switching you to a secure 3G/4G connection when needed.  

Having a plan in place for when things go wrong is essential for any business and Constant Connect gives you the peace of mind and the confidence to continue to serve your customers. 

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