ProScript Connect

Dispensary management system for community pharmacy

An updated and refreshed version of the UK's leading pharmacy software system.

  • Community pharmacy

Features and benefits

  • Comprehensive ordering and stock management systems.
  • Fully integrated country specific modules.
  • Ability to flag patient conditions.
  • Responsible pharmacist register and refrigerator temperatures - recorded electronically.
  • Electronic patient nomination form.
  • Upgraded/faster N3 connection (FTTC).
  • Multi-tasking ability - allows users to work in separate modules/tabs simultaneously.
  • Role-based access control - allows users to be assigned specific system permissions. 

ProScript has been used by a wide variety of pharmacy users for over ten years, ensuring efficient management of the overall dispensary process. As the market has grown and developed over the past decade, ProScript has remained at the forefront of pharmacy IT solutions, helping pharmacies to provide a variety of different services, whilst streamlining essential pharmacy processes.

Improved patient experience and more efficient care

ProScript Connect – the fourth generation of our pharmacy software system – brings the existing benefits of ProScript, whilst delivering a refreshed look and feel, including improved user experience. Using the latest programming languages, ProScript Connect has been refined and improved to allow pharmacies to deliver better and more efficient care for patients.

"ProScript Connect downloads prescriptions from the NHS Spine very quickly, which means patients are getting their medication more speedily"

Dhimant Patel, pharmacist, Healthways Pharmacy

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