Service Hub Manager

Service Hub Manager utilises Clinical Services Hub to provide Patient Group Directions (PGDs). This integrated module allows you to record and deliver PGDs seamlessly within ProScipt Connect.


  • Enhance patient care and improve patient outcomes
  • Increase footfall into your pharmacy
  • Improve efficiency and revenue
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Designed to assist pharmacists to deliver Clinical Services

Service Hub Manager, a modules in ProScript Connect designed to assist pharmacists in delivering Clinical Services. The module, underpinned by our web portal Clinical Services Hub (CSH), allows you to carry out PGDs seamlessly in one application. This includes data capture, carrying out a patient consultation and with the patient's consent, send an electronic PGD consultation summary to the patient’s GP all from within ProScript Connect.


  • Online training and certification 
  • An extensive range of PGDs available 
  • Seamless integration with ProScript Connect 

Access training and resources wherever and whenever 

We’re committed to helping you provide more services and take advantage of the new contract requirements. CSH gives pharmacists access to training resources, assessments and clinical forms required to perform over 50 PGDs.

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