ProScript Connect Modules

EMIS Health solutions are available to help you manage your pharmacy more efficiently. Each module within ProScript Connect is designed to streamline pharmacy processes, saving you time and money.


               View some of our popular modules below


Pharmacy Access

Our Pharmacy Access bundle enables you to electronically send repeat prescription requests directly into the EMIS Web Medicine Management workflow, giving you limited visibility of your patient's record.

Constant Connect

Constant Connect automatically connects you to your NHS network via a 3G/4G connection in the event of a broadband failure.

Service Hub Manager

Designed to assist pharmacists to deliver clinical services. Service Hub Manager utilises clinical Services hub to record and provide Patient Group Directions seamlessly within ProScript Connect, saving time and enhancing the user experience.

Falsified Medicines Directive

Our FMD module within ProScript Connect allows you to easily scan, verify and decommission medications. Saving you money and improving patient safety with functionalities like automatic expiry date check and reporting.  

Electronic Controlled Drug Register

This integrated module in ProScript Connect lets you record legal information related to the receipt, possession, supply and adjustment of controlled drugs.

Repeat Management Service

Managing your repeat requests has never been easier. This module acts as a central hub for all repeat requests, enabling you to manage your workload easily.

Data Management

Looking to streamline your management process? Our Data management module enables you to edit, add and delete specific type of data such as patient, prescriber and nursing home records.

Prescription Tracking Manager

This module acts as the hub for dispensed prescriptions; it enables you to search and check the assigned location or status of a prescription. It also allows you to reprint a tracking label for a prescription.

Head Office

Tired of trying to manage complex data and reporting for your pharmacy group? Our Head Office module enables pharmacy groups to view, manage data and gather reports for each branch from one centralised location reducing administrative workload for pharmacy owners. With features like Central Reporting, this module is crucial to any pharmacy group.


Pharmacy Group Record Viewer

Pharmacy Group Record Viewer provides pharmacy groups with the ability to view useful clinical information of patients across other branches within the same group and with the patient's consent.

Patient Notifications

Communication is essential to improve the quality of your customer experience, this functionality within ProScript Connect allows you to send updates to patients via SMS or email directly.

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