Prescription Collection Point

Automated prescription collection system that provides quick and secure access to medication 24/7


  • Increases efficiency and frees up pharmacists' time 
  • Improve the patient experience and customer satisfaction
  • Enhances offering: Make your pharmacy proposition more attractive to help grow local market share
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Helping you work more efficiently 

Pharmaself24 is the market-leading prescription collection system that gives your patient secure and convenient access to their medication 24/7, enabling patients to collect their medication at whatever time that suits them.

The solution allows pharmacy teams to embed the Pharmaself24 into their workflow thanks to a dedicated software interface. It provides a genuine two-way, closed-loop connection between ProScript Connect and the Pharmaself24 machine to complete all operations on the same familiar PMR system.

This integrated solution saves time and frees up resources by reducing the number of dispensed bags that your staff have to hand out to patients. 

Improving patient's experience

The solution allows patients to pick up their prescriptions 24/7 without the need for the pharmacy to be open and reduces patient waiting time. 

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