ProScript Connect

Our software is used in over 5,200 pharmacies across the UK and is helping pharmacists provide faster and safer patient care.


  • Save time and money by improving prescription tracking, ordering and reporting.
  • Seamlessly dispense medication with fully integrated modules.
  • Have full sight of your processes whether you’re independent or part of a group.
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Software for people who care

ProScript Connect - the fourth-generation industry-leading PMR software system has remained at the forefront of pharmacy IT solutions. Its patient-centric design helps drive operational results for our customers whilst improving patient outcomes.

Why do pharmacies choose ProScript Connect?

  • Electronic Controlled Drug Register (eCDR) - eliminates the need for paper records and rekeying of information.
  • Prescription Tracking Manager (PTM) - improves the traceability of a script during the dispensing process.
  • Seamlessly dispense medication with fully integrated modules.
  • Multi-tasking functions are instant with the ability to switch from one task to another.
  • Customisable to suit individual user preferences.


“Our customers are getting their prescriptions much quicker. It’s revolutionised the process of dispensing medications”

Ben Eaton, pharmacist and procurement manager, Dean and Smedley pharmacy group

Saving time with better workflow management

Dean and Smedley pharmacy group have found that using ProScript Connect has helped speed up their processes, saving them 45 minutes per staff member each day.

Because ProScript Connect modules communicate and integrate with each other, you’ll no longer have to duplicate information in multiple locations. It’s all synced and updated automatically, saving you hours of time and effort. The system also allows you to view multiple tabs at once, making it far easier to multitask and get your admin jobs done quicker.


EMIS Health solutions are available to help you manage your pharmacy more efficiently. Each module within ProScript Connect is designed to streamline pharmacy processes, saving you time and money.

ProScript Connect Modules

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