Communicate and report across all group pharmacy branches

Group head office system allowing pharmacy groups to implement group buying and dispensing policies as well as SOPs whilst also collating data from all branches for accessible group reporting.

  • Community pharmacy


Features and benefits

  • Collate data from all branches for head office reporting.
  • Confidential 2 way data sharing between head office and branches.
  • Ensure branch level dispensary management systems adhere to Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Remotely implement group procedures.
  • Standardised data ensures high quality information.
  • Easily export information into other applications for further analysis.

ProManager makes it easy for a head office to view, report and control all aspects of their branches’ dispensing and endorsing policies communicating directly with the ProScript system at branch level.


Standardisation of data entry in ProScript ensures high quality information is available at head office with a wide range of reporting options. The data can be exported to other applications for further analysis.

Support and training

We offer a wide and varied range of support and training including onsite, online and telephone support. We can also offer bespoke training packages to suit your business requirements, contact us for more information.

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