Prescription Tracker

Meet dispensing targets and improve efficiencies

By managing and monitoring your dispensing process with prescription tracker, you can easily identify areas for improvement and save staff time searching for information on paper.

  • Secondary care

Prescription tracker

Features and benefits

  • Integrated with EMIS Health Hospital Pharmacy 
  • Identify dispensary bottlenecks quickly
  • Save time through tracking on-line instead of on paper
  • Easily retrieve historical information
  • Meet dispensing targets
  • Flexible to meet requirements

Our prescription tracker module is integrated within our Hospital Pharmacy solution, providing you with a consistent, efficient prescription tracking process. By removing paper based tracking systems, your staff will be able to quickly and easily monitor dispensing turnaround times. This saves staff time as they no longer need to check and compare standalone systems or paper based records.

The flexible workflow within prescription tracker means it can be adapted to suit your requirements and you  can make prescriptions with priority. Monitoring screens provide you with a clear overview of the prescription process which can help you meet your dispensing targets. 

As part of the Hospital Pharmacy module suite, prescription tracker helps join up your care systems providing you with an integrated view of your pharmacy department.

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