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Consistent connectivity for an increasingly connected world

Practice Wi-Fi allows you to meet the demands and expectations of an increasingly connected world by providing practice staff and patients with a consistently high standard of connectivity across your site.

It’s something that we’ve got proven experience in – not only are we currently helping 21 CCGs bring Practice Wi-Fi to over 500 of their practices, we’ve also worked with NHS Digital to help define the NHS’s Wi-Fi standards.

More freedom for healthcare workers

We provide your staff with a secure private network so that they can get online with multiple devices from anywhere in the practice. It gives them greater choice in how and where they interact with patients, since they’re always able to access the essential NHS systems they need to make effective choices for those in their care.

Since any healthcare worker is able to gain access to the network, those who have to work across multiple sites – like community clinicians – are also able to easily use these systems when they make practice visits.  

Helping you to meet your targets by supporting patient engagement

Staff aren’t the only ones who benefit from Practice Wi-Fi – patients do too, with a fully supported public Wi-Fi connection.

It allows them to access the sites and services they enjoy while they wait to be seen, so that they have a better experience while in your practice. It’s also a great way to engage with your patients, since you can use your connectivity to keep them informed while gathering feedback about your services:

  • create a customised login page to display key notices to patients about your services
  • share important health links and inform patients about national and local health messages
  • construct custom landing pages to capture QOF information and details about friends and family
  • create tailored surveys that let patients evaluate your practice.

A supported service that ties into your digital schemes

Practice Wi-Fi can tie into your wider modernising schemes so that you can deliver digitally assisted care. This can be through GP Web, our bespoke website design and management service that allows you to maximise your Wi-Fi experience, or by making clinicians even more flexible in how they work with our mobile working solution, Anywhere consult.

You’ll also find yourself fully supported, with our service desk available 24-hours a day to help out with any technical issues. Plus, we provide a simplified procurement route through GPSoC Lot 2, making it easy for you to get up and running with Practice Wi-Fi.

In just seven months, Maltings are already seeing the benefits of our Practice Wi-Fi solution.

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