Improve collaboration and compliance with our cloud-based back office solution that allows teams across locations to access and share information.


  • Improve collaborative working across practices, CCGs and primary care networks (PCNs).  
  • Reduce pressure on admin and managerial staff by simplifying back-office tasks.  
  • Stay secure and complaint by setting user permissions, viewing audit trails and tracking CQC activity.  
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Improve collaboration across teams and sites with our cloud-based practice management system 

Whether you’re looking to improve how teams work together in a single practice or across multiple sites, our award-winning back office solution is here to make collaboration easier than ever before

Providing practices with one centralised place for them to create, upload, edit and access documents, Intradoc247 gives everyone easy access to the information they need. It comes with audit trails, user permissions and more too, to make managing compliance all the simpler as well 
With everything stored in the cloud, multiple practices and teams are able to access and make live edits to shared documents – making it the perfect fit for CCGs, federations and primary care networks (PCNs) looking to join up care across their area.  

Focus more time on patients by freeing up time spent on admin 

We want to make your life easier with Intradoc247. That’s why our solution comes with handy dashboards and noticeboards that make keeping teams up to date simple. Not only that, but by streamlining how you manage documents, you can also reduce pressure on busy admin staff. 
Add all these things together, and you could end up saving vital time that can instead be spent focussing on making improvements to your patients’ experience and care.  

Simplifying your compliance and making your targets achievable  

  • Be fully prepared for Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspections with Intradoc247’s compliance toolkit, which provides a full audit trail of documents and admin workflows.  
  • Stay on top of critical regulatory or policy documents by tracking and reporting on changes made to them and setting reminders for their review.  
  • Meet paper-free and environmental goals by moving your paper documents to the cloud.  

Stay safe in the knowledge that everything’s secure  

  • Ensure the right people see the right information with user-level access rights.  
  • Make data protection breaches and information losses less likely with all your data stored on encrypted storage.  
  • Reduce the risk of damaged, misplaced and duplicated documents by storing everything centrally in the cloud.  

Ensure Intradoc247 does all the hard work for you with our training and support  

Want to get the most out of your solution? Then we’ve got you covered.  
Sign up to Intradoc247 and we’ll give you a guide that contains all the latest information about our training sessions. Designed to help you to really get to know Intradoc247, these ongoing sessions will advise you on how to make the most of your software’s different tools and functionsAnd since we know no one wants to ever feel left out, you can pick from a variety of sessions that cater to different levels of experience and job roles. That way, all your teams can become Intradoc247 experts in no time.  

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