Pocket EMIS

Full and immediate access to records on the move

  • Primary care

A modern computerised practice is totally reliant on access to its clinical database system in order to function safely and effectively. Installed on your own Microsoft Windows mobile device (PDA, netbook, laptop, etc.), Pocket EMIS provides access to your electronic patient records when you’re away from your desktop PC.

The full electronic patient record, for all patients, is always available including all your consultations, notes, medications, scans, QOF prompts and appointments. Data entry and prescription printing are included and full synchronisation with
the main system is automatic.

All the data is password protected and remains encrypted to AES 256-bit standard at all times.

Note: The portable device must be synchronised on-site via a wired connection to the practice LAN. Wireless/remote transmission of data is not within the current scope and cannot be implemented until it has been accredited in its own right.