Phone Manager

  • Primary care

Features and benefits

  • Patient records pop up as you answer their call.
  • Call any highlighted number from an email or website in a single click.
  • On-screen call control allows you to answer, transfer or initiate a call without lifting your phone.
  • Record all calls or only specific lines and extensions.
  • Set how your calls are routed and show colleagues your availability with presence profiles.
  • Includes an integrated mobile client and extensive reporting capabilities.

Bringing your phone and clinical systems together

View your patient’s record as you answer their call, see your colleagues’ availability and call them in a single click with Mitel’s Phone Manager.

Allowing you to use either the phone on your desk or your mobile, it brings together your Mitel phone system and your EMIS Health clinical system to streamline patient contact and improve your practice’s service levels.

If you think that sounds good, have a look below at what other applications the system has that help you to streamline tasks, increase efficiency and manage your practice’s performance.

Complete control of your phone system

With on-screen call control, you can easily see who is calling you and answer them with a single click. It also brings together your directories and contacts so that finding numbers is quick and easy, no matter if you’re using your desk phone and PC or your mobile.

Phone Manager also gives you and your colleagues the ability to set your availability, and allows you to organise call routing.

Recording, reporting and analysis

  • Record all calls or select ones to ensure process compliance and information accuracy.
  • Call reporting and analysis gives you details on how long calls wait to be answered, how many calls are received and how many are missed.
  • Auto reporting allows set reports to be generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Use these features to ensure that your practice is achieving its required performance levels.