Pharmacy Access

Providing safer and more efficient patient care connecting the pharmacy and GP practice in England

Pharmacy Access links directly with GP’s EMIS Web system to provide pharmacists with better visibility of a patient's medical history combined with the ability to request repeat prescriptions.

  • Community pharmacy

Pharmacy Access

Features and benefits

  • Secure information sharing over the N3 network viewed electronically in a read-only format.
  • Allows pharmacies to request repeat prescriptions directly from the patients EMIS Web practice.
  • Full audit trail of all requested, accepted and rejected prescriptions.
  • Reduce the need for surgery visits for patients and pharmacy practice.
  • Improve patient safety with more effective dispensing by allowing pharmacists to view patients’ medical records.
  • Increase medication compliance and minimise risk of patients running out of medication.

Pharmacy Access combines the Medicines Manager and GP Record Viewer modules within ProScript to give pharmacists a more complete picture of patient care, allowing pharmacies to work in a more time efficient and joined up manner with GP practices in their community.

Medicines Manager

A secure way for community pharmacies using ProScript to send repeat prescription requests to GP practices using EMIS Web. As well as time savings the full audit trail ensures patients prescriptions are effectively managed.

GP Record Viewer

Provides a secure read only view of a patient's relevant health record including current medication, allergies and key test results. Minimising the risk to patients during the dispensing process.

Secure patient information

Information is only shared once the GPs have enabled a sharing agreement with the pharmacies and for GP Record Viewer patients must provide documented consent. Access to patient records is governed by strong, role based controls enforced by NHS Smartcards. 

“Sharing information with pharmacies has proved no different to sharing with district nurses, with similar benefits too including safer, better patient care”

Dr Farzana Hussain, The Project Surgery, Newham

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