The easy way to save time during clinics

  • Primary care
  • Data mines a patient's medical record in real time, reducing the need to manually search pages of patient notes.
  • Shows key information from a patient’s medical history, reducing the time it takes to make informed decisions on patient care.
  • Displays the effect of a medication on a patient’s condition, what the medication was and get instant feedback on compliance.
  • Fully integrated with EMIS Web, enabling you to scroll through date specific entries in a patient record with one simple view.
  • Improve patient safety by reducing the risk of human errors and missed information.
  • Quick to install and easy to use.

PatientLeaf is developed by GPSS, one of the founding partners of the EMIS Partner Programme. For the last 12 years we have successfully been providing medical software to EMIS practices in England. The solution is fully integrated with EMIS Web, giving you a faster, more efficient way of accessing patient information.  

Quicker and better decisions

PatientLeaf is a revolutionary way of viewing a patient’s medical record during clinic, removing the need to search through pages of physical notes under time pressures. This means you avoid missing important information and reduce the risk of mistakes.

The solution enables you to access key information from your patients’ medical records quickly and simply. This allows you to make accurate, more informed decisions at the point-of-care as you leaf through historical data in the patient’s record and provide the information in real time.

Joining the dots between cause and effect

View and monitor the effect of medication on a patient’s condition, what the medication was and instant feedback on compliance. PatientLeaf allows you to view date specifics entries in the patients’ medical history and all the important coded data in relation to the aspect.