Patient Tracking

Take control of unscheduled care with an EMIS Web module that allows out-of-hospital providers to easily track and manage care delivery.

  • Community care

Features and benefits

  • Time stamping and colour-coded indicators help you keep to delivery targets.
  • Patient timeline provides a clear overview of a patient’s journey within your service.
  • Simple and consistent data entry ensures accurate records that can be used for the A&E Commissioning Data Set.
  • Care record sharing provides care teams with a complete picture of care across providers.
  • An additional module within EMIS Web, it’s familiar and easy to use. 
  • Save time by quickly accessing other parts of EMIS Web at the click of a mouse.

Patient Tracking is designed to help ease the strain that busy urgent and emergency care teams face. An additional module in EMIS Web, it gives out-of-hospital providers, such as urgent care centres, walk-in centres and minor injury units, the ability to track and manage care delivery to patients as they flow through their department.

Take control of unplanned admissions

Since Patient Tracking works within EMIS Web, it's familiar and easy to use. It also means that clinicians can quickly access other parts of the clinical system, with registration and consultations screens – and a patient’s Summary Care Record (SCR) – just a click away.

Whether you want to see specific details or an entire overview of a patient's care, you can quickly get a grasp of a patient’s situation with Patient Tracking's customisable views and tools:

  • colour-coded indicators show how long a patient has been in your department – allowing you to quickly spot potential breaches and understand if you are meeting four-hour targets
  • view the severity of a patient’s case throughout their time in your care, driven by Manchester Triage
  • gain an overview of a patient’s details, including their age, location, presenting complaint, assigned clinician and additional notes
  • set due times for tasks and view last and next actions.

It’s also easy for clinicians to gain a clear overview of a patient’s journey within the service with patient timeline. This details activities that have already taken place and their timings, outstanding activities and a patient’s location – which can be easily updated via links.

Accurate data for consistent records

With simple data entry via protocols, concepts and customisable templates, you can ensure information is captured accurately and coded consistently across the service – while any activities are time stamped

This all combines to create a bank of standardised data that can be captured and reported on as required by the A&E Commissioning Data Set. And with consistent data, everyone is kept up to date.

Creating a complete picture of care

It’s essential for health care professionals to have as much information on patients as possible in order to make the most effective assessments. EMIS Web’s interoperability allows this to happen:

  • cross-organisational appointments allow departments to pass care to more appropriate providers – for example, a walk-in centre can book a patient directly into a GP’s appointment book
  • cross-organisational task and warnings help multi-disciplinary teams manage patient care across services
  • care record sharing gives clinicians invaluable access to important patient information captured by other organisations
  • interoperability interfaces like PDS and SCR Viewer join up care by allowing urgent care providers to view important patient information from across services
  • seamless integration means that third-party systems can be viewed in EMIS Web via Portal SDK, while partner product integration joins up devices and systems.