Patient Specific Ordering

Patient Specific Ordering

Over 200,000 people in England receive medicines in their homes, and the importance of this service to patients cannot be underestimated. Our patient specific ordering solution can help you reduce manual effort of ordering medicines, providing safer, better care for patients in their homes.

  • Secondary care

Features and Benefits

  • Integrate patient medication records with the ordering process
  • Automatically create financial transactions
  • Instantly track progress of orders
  • Remove paper based systems
  • Improve patient care at home
  • Reduce administration effort for staff

The importance of home care medicines for patients cannot be underestimated. There are up to 200,000 people in England who receive this service, which has helped to transform their lives whilst they suffer from chronic or stable conditions that require regular treatment and monitoring.

Since 1995, the NHS has been able to provide these homecare services at patients’ homes; in the last four years there has been a rapid development of services which now incur around £1 billion expenditure each year.

In response to the Hackett report “Homecare Medicines: Towards a vision for the future” in November 2011, we have developed a Patient Specific Ordering (PSO) module for the management of homecare medicines.

PSO allows orders to homecare providers to be created which include the details of the patients and their individual medicines. When receiving these orders, this will then increment stock and automatically issue to the appropriate patient, as if the product had been dispensed manually.

By automating the ordering process, this helps trusts reduce administration time, whilst improving patient care by providing medicines at the right time and in the right place.