Watch BP 03

Accurately monitor blood pressure, both in the surgery and at home.

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Features and benefits

  • Full EMIS Web integration links readings directly to patient records.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Clinically validated.
  • Accurate blood pressure readings.
  • Easily transmit data to PCs through USB connection.
  • Programmable to suit patient needs.

Specifically designed for advanced hypertension and treatment assessment, WatchBP 03 is a clinically validated ambulatory blood pressure monitor (ABPM) that accurately monitors a patient's blood pressure over a 24-hour period.

Perfect for use at home and in the practice

The WatchBP 03's lightweight and compact design means that it can be used in both the practice and the home, giving precise results in both settings. Clinicians can programme measurement intervals for both day and night, so that readings can be taken exactly when they're needed - even outside of the practice.

Integration with EMIS Web means results are directly fed into a patient's record, saving time for busy clinicians. The WatchBP 03 can also transmit results into any PC due to USB connectivity.

Developed to the highest standards

  • European Hypertension Society (ESH) and British Hypertension Society (BSH) validated protocols.
  • Reports can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel or PDF format - the PDF format is designed according to the Dabl Educational Trust's recommendation.
  • Approved for use during pregnancy and for those with pre-eclampsia.
  • Can record medication intake to monitor the efficacy of anti-hypertensive drugs.


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