Complete, integrated vital signs collection solution.

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Features and benefits

  • Smart, mobile testing device collecting all vital signs data - fully integrated with EMIS.
  • Reduce your practice’s operating costs.
  • Ability to screen patients prior to appointment with their data viewable beforehand.
  • Fully able to operate out of the practice for home and care home visits.
  • Improve quality of data by collecting more reliable, accurate and complete medical data.
  • Reduce appointment times & allow practitioners to focus on other areas.

Our idea

121 Sync are offering a revolutionary new solution for the collection of patient’s vital signs data within practices, made possible by our EMIS-integrated vPad technology.

This involves re-allocating those simple but necessary tasks, such as taking vital signs data, from a high pay-band GP to a lower pay-band HCA. This reduces practices operating costs and freeing up practitioner’s time during appointments for other essential tasks.

How does it work in practice?

Having reported to reception patients will be directed to see a HCA who will collect their blood pressure, SPO2, pulse, temperature and BMI measurements using vPad. This data is synced seamlessly to their electronic patient record (EPR) within EMIS Web allowing clinical staff to instantly view prior to the appointment taking place.

Quality data

Testing is carried out by a qualified HCA – so you’re guaranteed reliable and accurate data. The fact that all patients will have their measurements taken upon arrival ensures complete and quality data is being collected and recorded across the whole health populace.


vPad comes ready to use outside of a practice setting, whether on a home visit or care home rounds. Patient appointments, medical data and contact information can be pre-loaded onto the device before visits – with collected data synced back to EMIS Web whilst on the move, using 3G and 4G signals.


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