Making spirometry data management even easier with seamless integration with your clinical software.

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Vitalink works behind the scenes to automatically transfer the data from your spirometer straight into the patient record within your EMIS system. It couldn't be simpler.

Vitalink works with a range of spirometers to bring real benefits to your practice:

Ease of use

Spirometry is simply carried out as normal, and all spirometry related data is administrated automatically via Vitalink.


Spirometry test results are filed as a consultation within the medical record in your clinical system, not as an attachment. Subject demographics are also easily accessed through the automatic population of Spirotrac from EMIS.


Automatic data transfer prevents transcription errors and ensures that test data is attached to the correct subject with the correct Read codes.


Less time and effort is required for the efficient administration of spirometry data. Plus, you can simply select the Read codes to be automatically transferred from Spirotrac, helping to make the administration of QOF points easier.

Vitalink and Spirotrac are accredited for use with all three EMIS systems: LV, PCS and EMIS Web.

Vitalink is available with the Vitalograph In2itive, Alpha Touch and Pneumotrac spirometers.


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