A dynamic solution for clinicians to use during home visits, to support elderly care or the management of chronic conditions. DynaForms+ enables digital consultation on smart mobile devices anytime, anywhere.


  • Offers access to all clinical records and capture of all consultation data Offline, during Home Visits.
  • Delivers better patient outcomes with informed clinical decision making, at-the-point-of-care.
  • Higher quality digital data allowing seamless update of the patients’ medical records in the practice system.
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The complete solution provides secure access to historical patient records offline, with full consultation input. A special iPad version has been created on demand from shared-care and specialist elderly-care providers. This version incorporates three elderly care monitoring forms for new patient assessment, annual review and medication review, which are needed at least once annually for all elderly patients and has revenue implications for the practices. A simple, yet accurate, data capturing process covering the care pathway and replicating the existing protocol provides significant improvement of their clinical efficiency during these visits.

All data collected is seamlessly uploaded into EMIS Web patient records on return to the practice, including automated SNOMED CT coding. Co-designed with GPs and District Nurses, DynaForms+ provides intuitive screens and dynamic ‘pop-up’ alerts, providing optimum patient care delivery aligned with strategic guidelines.

The portable nature of the technology and commitment to prudent clinical care promotes a transformative way of working that is both affordable and sustainable, capable of achieving better outcomes at a reduced cost.

Secure and tailored access to patient historical records, at-the-point-of-care, facilitates informed decision-making. Clear and timely communication with patients, with time spent effectively on direct patient care reduces patient uncertainty.

DynaForms+ aids with the monitoring of critical issues that could potentially cause harm, ensuring that clinicians can initiate early preventative actions mitigating otherwise serious emergencies.

Value-added benefits:

  • Higher value healthcare focused on desired outcomes, encouraging good health and wellbeing based on robust datasets.
  • Replaces paper-based processes entirely, with high quality digital data for continued use and data-sharing as obligatory to adhere to NHS’s digital future targets.
  • Eradicates human error, duplication and other time consumptions associated with shared care and administrative tasks, e.g. searching, scanning and coding.
  • Realise time and cost savings from day one.
  • A scalable and sustainable solution, requiring a minimal learning curve.

DynaForms+ compliments the patient engagement solution, Patient+.



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