Syml_DynaForms Patient+

Empower patients to provide information via digital questionnaires whilst they visit the practice, or remotely from the comfort of their own homes.


  • Continue monitoring of all patients without compromising resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond
  • Advanced access to patient responses, enhancing clinical efficiency.
  • Insightful report on priority needs, fast interactive analysis at a touch of a button.
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Syml_Patient+ enables patients to complete digital questionnaires whilst visiting their practices, or remotely before attending a consultation. At the practice, patients use practice touch screens, or their personal mobile devices (smartphones/tablets), whilst for Remote Patient+, patients open a secured email link on their own mobile devices. In both cases, they view and intuitively respond to pre-assigned questionnaires, fully including them in their healthcare pathway.

All captured responses are seamlessly uploaded into their specific EMIS Web patient records and SNOMED-CT coding automatically mapped.

Syml’s advanced reporting module intelligently prioritises and promptly flags up threshold alerts for individual clinical needs. Speedy identification of at-risk patients supports initiation of precautionary measures according to priorities. Preventative actions enhance care delivery and reduce avoidable emergencies. Continued monitoring of patient conditions, improves patient-clinician communication and augments better patient satisfaction.

Embracing such simple technology within the practice environment eradicates risk of human errors, duplication and avoidable time wastage associated with paper-based administrative tasks such as searching, sorting, scanning or coding.

Digital data capture is tailored according to the practice requirements e.g. health-check forms, at-risk score assessments, any long-term chronic condition monitoring, healthy living, smoking cessation, any critical or practice-specific information like inhaler use, pain management, anxiety level etc., or even capture general information such as demographics updates or patient feedback.   

Value-added benefits:

  • Proactively manage chronic condition patients remotely
  • Alert practices for speedy identification of priority patients
  • Save valuable clinical time with accurate and up to date information, SNOMED-CT coded back into the patients’ record
  • Instantly access high quality data with interactive intelligent analytics to assess at-risk patients and population health management
  • Improve patient assurance and safety with patient engagement across all age groups
  • Realise the power of high quality, accurate digital information through opportunistic data collection currently not collected.
  • Simple, secure, scalable, and sustainable solution.

Compliments our offline consultation solution, DynaForms+.


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