A real-time medication review solution specialising in preventing adverse drug events (ADEs) caused by inappropriate and harmful prescribing in patients with multiple chronic conditions.

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Features and benefits

  • Supports Comprehensive Medication Reviews for patients with multiple chronic conditions.
  • Patient-Centred reviews apply all StoppStart® Criteria and AGS Beers Criteria® to each patient.
  • Specialising in reducing risk of Adverse Drug Events (ADEs).
  • Point-of-care alerts identify potentially inappropriate medications and important missing drug treatments.
  • Analytics captures each completed patient medication review for retrospective analysis.
  • Easily integrates with clinical systems with little or no training or deployment cost.


Our real-time Medication Review Solution specialises in preventing Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) caused by inappropriate and harmful prescribing in patients with multiple chronic conditions.

Our solution is used by clinicians to review the appropriateness of medication use in patients with multiple chronic conditions, according to the two most widely recognised prescribing criteria, StoppStart Criteria and AGS Beers Criteria.

Improved patient safety

Beyond drug interactions, our solution uses these evidence-based, peer-reviewed industry best practices to recommend the stopping of some medications that are potentially harmful or unnecessary, as well as the starting of important medications that may be missing, after considering a patient’s current medications conditions, biometric readings and morbidity. This ensures patients get the medications they need and reduces risk of ADEs, improving patient safety and care as a result.


Recommended prescribing changes are delivered in real-time at the point-of-care, via a discrete alert, to:

  • stop or change potentially inappropriate medications according to StoppStart Criteria and AGS Beers Criteria
  • start identified missing important dug treatments according to StoppStart Criteria

Each alert provides hyperlinks to the related research papers for the criteria triggered. Clinicians have the option to include “Exception” alerts, in circumstances where a patient is deemed to be an exception to the triggered recommendation, based on clinical judgement.


Each point-of-care review is recorded in our secure web based Analytics platform. Bulk reviews of entire patient populations can also be completed, and are accessible via this platform. Reporting options provide important population level analysis of prescribing behaviour, quality improvement opportunities, and drug-cost savings opportunities. Patient groups for intervention can also be identified and patients can be stratified according to risk of ADEs, with drill-down functionality to patient level to view current prescribing recommendations that have not yet been followed. CCG access is restricted to anonymised data.


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